Did you know that you’re my heart?

So this isn’t something I would normally ever write about, but this blog is about my favorite memories, so I feel this needs to be included. My favorite and most valuable memories are the ones I made with my dad. It is really important that I cherish and cling to these memories because I’ll never be able to make any new ones. I only got 15 short years with him, and I would give anything to have those back.

We had this sort of routine, which I loved. Every two weeks I would spend the weekend with him. He would usually be waiting at my mom’s house to pick me up when I got home from school. Then we’d go to Walmart and get food and I’d pick out snacks and pop. It’s probably not the best thing, but he’d always buy my brother and I our own 2 liter of whichever pop we chose, then we could just drink out of the bottle. Then we’d stop at the gas station to pick out movies from Redbox. After that we’d go back to his/my aunt and uncle’s house. We would stay there for a little bit while we decided where we wanted to go for dinner, which usually ended up being a Chinese place. Sometimes we’d stay home and have tacos, he seriously made the best tacos. That was my favorite time because it would usually just be us two sitting together for dinner and talking about whatever. We joked around a lot. He really was one of the funniest people I knew. When we were done we’d go back to the house. If my aunt and uncle weren’t busy and some of my other family was over, we’d play cards. I never had money so he’d always have to give me quarters to play. After that we’d go in the living room and watch the movies we picked out. My dad usually didn’t like the movies I picked out, but he “watched” them anyway. He really didn’t watch that long because he ALWAYS fell asleep. He snored so loud all the time, so I’d have to turn the volume way up. After the first movie he’d usually go sleep in his bed, but he never slept well. He’d wake up just about every hour to smoke a cigarette and he’d be half asleep and start eating chips or something. He always came in and checked on me though while I was watching movies.

I could write so much more but I don’t want to because I could probably go on forever and it would make me sad. Maybe I’ll write about other memories involving him in the future, I’m not sure. I know this may not seem all that special or interesting to anyone, but it was for me.

Costa Rica, My Not So Favorite Memory

In the summer of 2012 I, along with quite a few other Spanish students, went to Costa Rica with Ms. Harrington and her fiancĂ©, Nick. As it kept getting closer to when we were supposed to leave, I really didn’t want to go. None of my best friends were really going (by that I mean girl best friends). So during this time I roomed with Briann and we were basically together the whole time. The trip lasted 9 days, if I remember correctly.

First we had to fly to Dallas. This was the first time I’d ever been in a plane. We had a sort of long delay because it was storming.Then we were off to Costa Rica. We got there pretty late. The first hotel we stayed in was kind of creepy. I hated sleeping there. It was so humid, which made the bed sheets feel like they were sort of damp. I don’t really remember the beginning of the trip so much. One of the hotels we stayed at, we had to ride a boat for quite a while to get there. It was pretty cool and right by the ocean, which was nice because I’d never seen the ocean before. It was so hot though. The next hotels we stayed in weren’t as cool. There were a lot of activities that I didn’t want to do so I didn’t participate and just watched everyone do them, which I was fine with. I don’t want to go into a lot of detail and describe everything.

The coolest hotel we stayed in was the second to last one. It was like we all had our own little cabins. They were pretty nice, and for once they had an effective air conditioner. The last hotel we stayed in was the most normal one, it actually seemed like the kind of hotels we have here. For some reason, the room Briann and I stayed in didn’t smell very good. Other than that I liked the place. Briann and I said we were going to stay up all night because we had to leave the hotel at 3 in the morning to go to the airport. We definitely fell asleep though. Our flight to Austin was at six. Then we flew in a really small airplane back home.

Sewing Circle

I can’t remember if it was my 12th or 13th birthday. But it was the probably the best and most fun birthday party I ever had. It was just at my house in the basement. My cousin Jesika was over before the party. We drew all over the walls with this wall chalk my mom bought. There was actually a lot of people at the party.

We just did what girls normally do at parties. When we watched Halloween, 2 people cried so we had to turn it off. We drank a ton of pop so we could stay up, which worked because we stayed up all night. Well except for Liz. She fell asleep on my living room floor… lame. I don’t even remember what we did all night to take up the time.

The most memorable thing was at around 4 or 5 in the morning. We went outside and sat in my front yard. It was still dark outside. At first we played hide and seek I think. After that we just sat on my porch and talked. Then a smaller group of us sat in a circle in my front yard. For whatever reason, we called it our “sewing circle”. I have no idea how we came up with that. We were weird kids. A little later, after we ate breakfast, some of us walked to the park. I’m not sure why. After most people had left, i can’t remember who was still at my house, but we definitely passed out.

Stuppy Dawg Dawg

I usually get really sad when I think about all the time I used to spend at my friend Kassie’s old house. She moved and changed schools in 8th grade, and we didn’t hang out much after that. Her house was so fun. We made so many memories in that house. It was pretty big and she had the coolest room, and it was in the basement so it made it better. Jessie and I usually went over there together.

We used to make one person go in Kassie’s room and shut the door. We would get a stuffed animal or something and hide it. We would write clues and hide them. Then we would make obstacles and put stuff in the way. We would turn off the light and turn on her strobe light and make the person come out of her room and spin them around 10 times. They would have to find the clues that led them to the other clues, which led them to the hidden object.

We also used to turn on the strobe light and throw an exercise ball around and it was funny because we couldn’t really see it coming if it hit us. We always used to go bowling but we would pretty much just jack around the whole time. Kassie, her sister Kori, and I would try to make each other laugh when it was each other’s turn, and it is really hard to bowl while laughing. Kassie and I used to play Mario Kart really late at night and we would be really competitive and yell at each other. I’m not sure why but late at night we’d always come upstairs and make cheese dip.

One of the most memorable nights there was when it was just Kassie and I. We stayed up until like 4, I think. Or maybe it was 6, I don’t remember. We just talked a lot. We wrote each other notes, even though we were together in the same room. They were really funny, I wish I could read them now.



When I think of my favorite memories, a lot of them occurred at Jessie’s old house on 2nd avenue. I used to go over there just about every day. I would call her and ask her if she could play. We always make jokes about that now. If they didn’t answer the phone I would walk to her house and knock on the door, wow I was probably annoying. I feel like my mom should’ve payed her mom for how much I was over there and ate with them and stuff like that.

I don’t know what was so special about her house, but I always wanted to be there and we were rarely ever bored. There was always something to do. We used to play a game where we acted like the coolest girls in school. Lame I know, but it was fun. There was a time where we always wanted to have cook-offs. We would have her brother and mom judge us on who’s chicken nuggets tasted better. We got in trouble for wearing down the grass on the side of her house for having mini volleyball tournaments. We’d play soccer in her backyard, and Taylor Schorsch always kicked the ball over the fence into the yard with all the mean dogs. Then us three made a band called The Sun Gods. Jessie and I still sing our song we made to this day. Sometimes we’d try to make scary movies or even recreate When A Stranger Calls. We would make Jessie’s brother Justin and her step sister Alex be in our movies.

There are so many other things we used to do to entertain ourselves. It would probably take me a few pages to write it all down. They’re my favorite things to talk about. I love reminiscing on when my friends and I were in elementary school. Those, I think, were probably the best times of my life.


The Summer After Sixth Grade

The summer of 2007 might have been the best summer I’ve ever had. It’s when I became best friends with Taylor. In sixth grade we were more like acquaintances, we didn’t really talk much, but during the summer we became really good friends.

It all started when Jessie invited us over to swim at her house. The three of us had been hanging out all day. Then Taylor asked us to stay the night at her house. Jessie’s mom said no, but my mom let me. It was kind of weird at first because I didn’t really know her that well. We just sat in her room and watched a lot of movies. I thought it was fun.

After that day, we literally hung out every day that summer. We alternated between staying the night at her house and my house every day. We took a lot of pictures together because we thought we were really cool.

Our friendship was kind of rocky after that summer, but now it’s perfectly fine.Taylor has been one of my best friends ever since then.


The Best Day of My Life

This memory is really recent actually. It was on September 30th. I had been waiting for this day for months, the day I thought would never come, I would see 4 of my favorite bands live, A Day To Remember, All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, and The Wonder Years (but most importantly Pierce The Veil). When it finally came, I was so anxious for school to get over with. The day seemed to drag on. During my 7th hour class I was so excited, I was shaking and my hands were sweaty. I had my mom call me out of 8th hour. So when 7th hour was over, I went home and fixed my hair and makeup and gathered things that I might need. It was finally time for the concert! Almost… First Liz, Jessie, and I had to drive to Lincoln and find the venue. The drive seemed like it took forever, and we got a little lost trying to find The Pershing Center.

When we were waiting in line outside, we saw Soupy, the singer of The Wonder Years. We had to wait to actually get into the venue for like 2 hours, but it was so worth it. While we were still waiting in line, but inside this time, we saw Matt Flyzik, All Time Low’s tour manager gathering people for the meet and greet. I wish I knew about that, because I definitely would have bought one.

We were finally let inside. We speed walked to the actual spot the concert would be in. We got in the second row, but there was a barricade so we were kind of far away from the stage. We also were pretty far on the side so it was hard to see, not to mention there was a tall guy in front of me, just my luck. That wasn’t going to stop me from having the best night of my life. We had to wait for about an hour before The Wonder Years came out. I was so excited for them, their new CD is one of my favorite albums, and I couldn’t wait for the to play Passing Through A Screen Door. Soupy is a really energetic performer. I was sad when they were done.

Next was my number one favorite band, Pierce The Veil. I honestly thought I was going to cry from being overcome with joy, but I didn’t. I never thought I’d get to see them live. Their whole set was perfect, they’re perfect. I took so many pictures and videos of them. I never wanted them to have to leave the stage.

All Time Low was next. Even though I’d seen them twice before, I was still so excited. Jack Barakat, one of the guitarists, is my favorite person in the world. Unlike the other times I’d seen them, I finally got to stand on his side of the stage. My favorite part of their set was when they sang A Love Like War and Vic from PTV came out to sing his parts of the song.

Now was time for the main band, A Day To Remember. My feet hurt so bad at this point and I wanted to go sit down, but when they came on, I wasn’t paying attention to my feet anymore. I wanted to stay in that spot for the whole set, but Jessie, Liz, and I went out and bought merch after about 7 songs. Then we came back and sat up in the upper part where they had seats. We could see everything now, it was just pretty far away. When they played Monument, my favorite song by them, they had rolls of toilet paper and people were throwing them all over. There was so much of it everywhere. Something really cool was that they had things that shot fire up, and you could feel the warmth from it all the way up where we were sitting.

When there was only a few songs left, we left to go outside to see if we could meet anyone. Jessie said she saw Vic kind of far away but we didn’t believe her. We walked over there and it was him! I was shaking, I love him so much. He was talking to another fan, and a few seconds after we got there, he walked back to the tour bus. I was so sad, I wanted to cry. I tweeted him a few times saying that he should come out, but he never did. It’s okay though, because I saw PTV live and that’s enough for me. After that we met Rian, the drummer of All Time Low. We were just standing around waiting to see if anyone else would come out, but security was making everyone leave. Jessie and I still wanted to walk around and see if we’d find people, but Liz didn’t so she went back to her car. Jessie and I walked around the block because we knew people would be at the bars. I felt like such a creep. But it all worked out, because right when we walked by the door of this bar, Alex Gaskarth, the singer of All Time Low came out. We met him and got pictures with him. That was the coolest moment of my life.

If you know me, you’d know how much I love music and how much it means to me. I could write tons more about this day. I tried to condense it as much as possible but it’s still super long.